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Warm-up portrait. Sebastian.
Poster for the promotion of Abel Azcona´s new project, INTIMACYPlease, go and check it

Open for commissions

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Second one of my Electric Gods, this time is Eros with the participation of the amazing Tristan Ginger, expect the second part of this piece soon!
I´ve been asked to make an illustration for the CubCamp event SweatPants, NO UNDERWEAR! (Click on the links for more info)It was a blast working on it, I hope it is not the last time!
Fog. Mist. Ghost.Based on a Mikel Marton selfportrait
Dionysus First of my “Electric Gods” serieBased on the pictures of Mikel Marton. Model: Roscoe Stone
Blast from the past. One of the few pictures I´m kinda proud of, from beginning to end, it looks exactly how I intended it to be.
First of many, many painting I have planned to do based on the works of the photographer/visionary Mikel Marton, in this ocasion with model/dancer/amazing performer Roscoe Stone
Abeardedboy for Halloween